Murder Story

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Murder story.

George Street. 8:23 am, London rush hour. A typically dull day, overcast, North Easterly wind. Bitter for October. The West End thrum crawls out of the gutter, the morning traffic bleak after opening night. Down wheelie bin guarded back alleys, pages of a tabloid struggle out of a puddle. Red. Mud. Boot. Disorientated gulls blare out their siren from rooftops. “I’m leaving now honey,” “ok then see you later.” . Danielle Philips was off to the dentist. As always, there was heavy traffic on the M1. At 8:30 on a dark Saturday morning she was going to the dentist instead of snuggling under the warm covers of her king-size bed.

“ I am here for my dentist appointment with Dr. Wallace?” said . Danielle. “What time is your appointment madam?” the secretary replied flatly. She had blonde hair in a shoulder-length bob and a wrinkled face with a ton of makeup plastered on her face. Other than that she was wearing pale blue scrubs.“9: 15” . Danielle said with a reassuring smile. “You can wait over there,” the secretary pointed to a small waiting area with 6 chairs and a few magazines on the table. With a smirk she disappeared into the back room. . Danielle first glanced around the small reception and then sighed and slowly walked to the waiting room and sat on a chair. She fiddled with he car keys, looked at her cell phone to check to the time. Before she could pick up a magazine, she heard the secretary call “9: 15 appointment for . Danielle Philips” as she stood up to her feet a tall dark-haired man most likely in his 30s gave her a sinister smile. “Mrs. . Philips is that right?” he asked. “Yes”. She replied. Yes! This is it finally! This is her! She and her loved ones will pay for all the pain and hurt she has caused! “Right this way” he said as he pointed into a blank white room with some cabinets and a table filled with equipment. As she sat in the patient chair, she had a feeling that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to change dentists. “I will just use an anaesthetic to help you fall asleep.” Eventually said the dentist. She looked at him in fright and asked. “Will it hurt?”. He smiles. “No you will not feel anything while I do the operation on your teeth.” “Phew! That’s a relief!” “You see the problem is that there is too much space between your teeth and I need to fix that.” Daisy pulled a worried face. “So just sit back and relax. Is that alright?” “Yes.” She paused. “ Thank you.” She said. In just a few minutes she fell into a deep sleep. About an hour later, she awoke and everything she laid her eyes on seemed to blur. “ Just be sure to drink lots of water everyday and your teeth should be fine.” He said. “Thank you very much once again dr. Wallace” she replied, feeling her teeth with her tongue. After that she headed toward the door. Just before she left, she looked at Dr. Wallace who disappeared behind the door with an evil smile. While she was driving home after her appointment, she began to feel a strange tingling sensation in her teeth. As usual she ignored the symptom. By late afternoon, she was had arrived at the enormous golden gates of her grand villa. Inside the glorious gates is a beige-colored 3-story building with a breath-taking driveway with palm trees at each side, leading to the house. On the side there is a huge pool filled with glittering water clear as the sky. The pool was surrounded with mosaic tiles that glinted in the bright, yellow sun. Decorated with more palm trees that it almost out of sight was a cabana with a 2 pool chairs and a massage table and to top it off, white sheen drapes to give some privacy. As usual, there was Herald, her private butler waiting at the door ready to take her coat and bag. When she went down for dinner. The feeling increased and an ear-piercing siren filled her ears. She couldn’t bear it so she went to the pharmacy located 10 blocks away from her house. Unfortunately the person at the counter was her ex-best friend Caroline Dews. They had a...
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