Murder Scene

Topics: English-language films, Soul, Death Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Fun Fair in Sat Hill Park. 2:34

It all started out unexpectedly. The storm began to get worse, sounds of the storm roared the atmosphere, with rage. Everything felt like a blur. Fog spurred over the plains of the path, it was as if the path was abandoned, because of silence that brought cries to each to each soul. I could see the people getting ready, taking their places in line. Time was running, fast as an earthquake destroys land within seconds. It was coming to dawn, not waiting for a hold. It was as only one person was allowed to move and goes on hold as a mobile phone.

Less than a second ,the storm stopped, happier faces came and they started to run as fast as a bull, hunting its prey. For a while, everyone was in a mind of their own , having fun; and much more. But not for long.Out of no where came 3 men dressed in black with faces hidden and bodies covered with leather jacket and jeans with trainers.They had the same clothes, it was like a uniform.

Then ,one man aimed the gun up high;asking for attention but before we knew it ; it was aimed at the nearest person near him..The ground was scattered with body parts detached from the dead body: hands, arms, feet’s and heads. Many started screaming; many cried. But most of all who's in pain was the mother.She lost her son.

All of a sudden, I had an urge of walking across the battlefield, screaming to us to be quiet or we're dead .It was an awakening response, my heart was racing fast, as I slowly walked through the jaws of death. As I was walking I stopped, it got to a point where I could’t talk no more. I stood still and froze in isolation and a thought, cropped up in my mind, though, I don't want to die and i don't want anymore to die. This thought was eating me inside, the sense of reality had been established, I knew this wasn't a dream. I didn't know what to do. I don’t mind looking at dead flesh but i don't want to make life hard for my parents. I knew without me, they are nothing.

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