Murder One Group Analysis

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Murder One Group Analysis
Corporate America has been using groups to define issues, solve problems and analysis projects for many years. Working as the lone ranger is no longer the most popular idea. For some, working in groups can be challenging and for others it is a challenge. Group activities can be rewarding and are often used in an organization to bring different personality types together to collaborate and perform an organized task in the most efficient way. Group activities also allow each member of the group to perform or take on different roles and each role plays a part in the overall scheme of the project or activity. This paper is going to analysis, the Murder One group activity dynamics based on the following three elements of participation, task functions, and group atmosphere.

Murder One group activity was completed by Randy, Cynthia, Trisha, Deborah and Trina. The group was given a Murder One briefing sheet, instruction sheet, and suspect data sheet to begin with. The group was then given directions to review the briefing sheet along with the suspect data sheet to help in solving a murder. The task set before Randy, Cynthia, Trisha, Deborah and Trina was to comb through all the possible leads by using the evidence given to single out one suspect from several gang members to arrest. The group was given about 45 minutes to complete the task and at the end of that time, Randy, Cynthia, Trisha, Deborah and Trina were able to agree on and identify one possible suspect from the list. The group had completed the task given for the Murder One group activity.

The first element this paper will look at is that of participation in the Murder One group activity. Randy, Trisha, Cynthia, Trina and Deborah all participated during this activity. Verbal participation was a defiant form of participation with this group. The high participators of the group were, Randy, Trisha, Trina and Cynthia, while Deborah was at first a low participator....
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