Murder and Victor

Topics: Murder, Mary Shelley, Classified information Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 25, 2013
“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
Victor is a very self-centered person, and he is dedicated to his experiment. He becomes obsessed with creating the fiend that he doesn’t communicate with his family. He lets Justine get convicted because he doesn’t want to admit to what he has done. He thought the fiend would kill him on his wedding night, so he protects himself instead of protecting Elizabeth. The fiend is kind-hearted and very lonely. He went out at night, and brought back fire wood for the family. He learned to care about the family, and he hadn’t even talked to them. He would just observe them every day. Everybody is scared of him because he looks different, so he doesn’t have any friends. He finally gets the courage to talk to De Lacey, but when Felix finds him in the house he hits him with a stick. In the end the fiend becomes set on the revenge of mankind. He kills William, Clerval, and Elizabeth to make Victor know what it feels like to be lonely. When Elizabeth dies his father dies of grief. Elizabeth had a positive outlook on life. She cared for the poor, respected all classes of people, and was there for Justine when she was accused of murder. She believes in Justine’s innocence and speaks on her behalf. When Caroline dies Elizabeth takes over the motherly duties of the family. Her feelings for everybody and everything were strong and deep. Alphonse is very supportive of Victor. He takes Victor into the mountains when he is grieving over Justine’s death and his own guilt. He travels to visit with Victor when he is in prison for the death of Henry. 275

The book shows that the pursuit of knowledge can be dangerous. Victor is obsessed with finding the secret to life. Once he figures out how to bring something to life he creates the fiend. Once the fiend comes to life Victor realizes the bad that he has done and runs from it. He doesn’t take responsibility for what he has done. Instead he seems to want to forget it, and that doesn’t turn out in his...
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