Murder and Brianna Kelley Mystery

Topics: Murder, Woman, New York City Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Brianna Kelley

In the book Acceleration by Graham McNamee, a teenage boy named Duncan works in a subway station for the lost and found. He ends up finding an eerie diary which depicts a so called murderers mind, and what he thinks of people. He compares the subway to an “audition, or a cattle call” as he’s searching for the “right one.” Near the middle of the diary, Duncan starts to believe he saw the woman the killer will go for next, and decides to follow her, instead of confronting her, in fear that she would believe that he was the serial killer coming after her. He ends up terrifying her anyway.

Duncan has been brought up in a middle class New York City apartment with no other siblings, but with his mother and father. He and his mother also get along well, with the exception of some sarcasm. His good friends that help him along in his chase to find the man they now call “roach” are Wayde and Vinnie, but they have personalities more of typical teenage boys. He seems to be a boy that was born with common sense. He deciphers the killer very easily and starts to figure out how he works and how he picks his victims, usually by how ridiculous or how fake a woman looks at first. Roach has started out by killing animals and setting fire to houses, getting more and more detailed as the diary goes along. He uses nicknames for all the potential victims, such as Cherry, Clown, or Bones, always based on their features. He ends up choosing Cherry, the one with the rust colored head of hair. He often gets angry when something she does is out of routine, such as the punk/skater kid taking her seat. Roach is most likely a man that has a troubled past with women, based off the fact he only goes after women. He also wanted to test killing the woman “Cherry” for his pleasure, and a thrill of his own.

Reading the first 11 chapters, I came to the assumption that Duncan will eventually find the serial killer somewhere in the subway station, since the plot has...
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