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Topics: Murder, 2001 albums, Prison Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Who Did It?
It happened in winter specifically in New York. My friend Joe and engineer lived in a clean neighborhood in New York with his wife Jane a doctor. In this neighborhood that Joe and Jane move in, the people in the neighborhood were friendly and polite as Joe says. His house wasn’t very big because they were newly and happily married. Their house consisted of a kitchen, two bedrooms, a salon, a dining room, and a basement. Joe has been telling me that he is living in the best neighborhood. He told me that Mr. Bond is an old and lonely man treated him as if Joe was his son, and Joe loved that so much. Also, Manny who was a lumberjack gave him wood every day for the entire winter. Ever since Joe moved to this neighborhood, he has been searching for a new job. A day finally came where Joe found a job; it was building the tallest tower in New York. Joe was very excited and Jane was even more. They were both happy with their lives. Every day, Joe would wake up in an exciting mood to go to work. He would always smell eggs and bacon which his wife cooks every day and then he leaves his wife with a kiss. Before Christmas Eve, Joe and Jane decided to have a party and to invite the entire neighborhood and other friends. Joe and Jane went and invited the neighborhood, got all the stuff needed for their party and bought some decorations for their house to look the best in the neighborhood. They went back to their house and started baking everything for their party like cupcakes, turkey, pizza, and tarts. Joe filled bowls with chips and with fruit punch, and went to the basement and stacked all of the drinks like, soft drinks, wine, beer, and bottles of water. Also, they decorated the house in a very nice way but the decorations took them very hard work and a lot of time. Joe and Jane wore their best outfits and they were ready to party. Everything was ready by the time the gets started arriving. The gets came and holding gifts and they were amazed by the...
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