Topics: Fiction, First-person narrative, Short story Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Jason Stevens
Steve Howland
Essay #1

Does desire play a bigger role of importance in our lives than we think? In the story “Man Eating Cats” both the narrator and Izumi are normal characters that live in the comfort zone of Japanese society. As the short story progresses the two characters are introduce as marriage refugees from Japan. The first person narrator lives a normal life and seems to be in a comfortable marriage with his wife and his child. The desire that the main character was longing for was found when he finally met Uzumi was something new to him that he never experienced before. The story ‘Hunting Knife” started off as a perfect tropical vacation for the narrator and his wife. “Getting away” seems to be something that the narrator desires the most. The narrator notices a disabled son and his mom that stayed in the unit next to them, and started to wonder about these two characters. The narrator was curious to find out more about these two, as if something has sparked his interest. After meeting the young disabled man he learned more than what he thought was just a normal person. Through Murakami’s fictional stories, the desire between characters promotes the feeling of being wanted or needed, as well as dictates their life situations. The characters in the “Hunting Knife” and “Man Eating Cats” both have the desire to acquire something they don’t possess. In the story “Man Eating Cats” both characters desired to have something new. They both seem to be living comfortably and content with their spouses and work, so why would they feel the need to continue an intimate relationship with one another? He has a stable job, gets along with his boss and coworkers, and got paid with a mediocre salary. Izumi, as well, seems to be comfortable with her relationship with her husband and lives a regular life just like any middle-class working person. The narrator described Izumi as someone that he felt so closely connected with, unlike any...
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