Munting Tinig

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“Munting Tinig”

1.What does the film tell you about the value of education?

The film “Munting tinig” tells us that education is important in our life. It does’nt matter whether your rich or poor. Everyone has the right to have an education. But in this film most of the parents don’t want to waste their children time in studying instead for them it’s more important to work and to do household chores.

2.What examples does the film use to communicate the message of giving importance to education and schooling?

The main character which is Melinda Santiago, a substitute teacher, tries to motivate children, who were indifferent to their studies and having been affected by the hopelessness around them, by capitalizing on their interest in studying and talent in singing.

And when she convinces the school administration and the parents of her students even though she encounters some resistance, constantly tries to rise above these challenges.

3.What do you think could be done to minimize the problem of students not being able to enroll in school?

To minimize the problem of students not being able to enroll in school is to educate their parents in the importance of education. The parents should be able to understand that having their children finish their schooling will give their family a much better future.

4.What message does the film convey about the roles of the parents and government in giving formal education?

The Government has a great impact to the society because with a corrupt government and scarce economic opportunities, the townsfolk have to struggle to survive. And while many of the adults choose to join the guerilla military force, the children are made to work on family farms rather than receive an education. Against many of the parents' wishes, Melinda Santiago faces many obstacles.
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