Municipal Health Center

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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1. | OUT-PATIENT/MEDICAL CONSULTATION- This provides medical assistance to any individual who needs medical attention. This aims to diagnose, treat illnesses and provide appropriate medical assistance.Note: (1) All emergency cases are given priority. Senior citizens patients are also given priority. (2) Medicines are free if available, if not available, clients will have to buy.| 2.| CHILD-CARE (IMMUNIZATION) SERVICES - One of the objectives of the LGU’s health program is to immunize children based on the Expanded Program of Immunization. The service is offered in the different Barangay Health Stations.|  |  |

3.| MATERNAL CARE  SERVICES - One of the objectives of the LGU’s health program is to provide care services to pregnant, postpartum, and lactating mothers for comprehensive maternal care. The service is offered every Tuesday to Friday in all barangay health stations. In the Main Health Center, it is offered from Monday to Friday.| 4.| INFORMATION ON FAMILY PLANNING/PROVISION OF FAMILY PLANNING SUPPLIES|  |  |

5.| TREATMENT FOR ANIMAL BITES - The clinic provides appropriate medical services and tetanus toxoid vaccine for cases of animal bites.|  |  |
6.| MINOR SURGERY AND CIRCUMCISION - The clinic provides surgery services for minor cases.|  |  |
7.| ISSUANCE OF SANITARY PERMITS - This service is intended for business establishment requiring sanitary permits to operate.|  |  |
8.| DENTAL HEALTH SERVICESThe Service  | * Dental Examination * Tooth Extraction * Oral Prophylaxis * Tooth Fillings * Availing of Dental Certificates| The services are available to adults, pregnant...
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