Mung Beans

Topics: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Visible spectrum Pages: 10 (2952 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Chapter 1

Background of the Study

Light is essential for a plant to grow, without light plant could not reproduce or produce food and building materials. So all plants would eventually die off if there is no light to use and unfortunately as humans we will also be affected and it will also lead us to death. So light can also be described as life. When you look out on a sunny day, the light appears colorless. In fact, that light contains all of the colors of the light spectrum, from red to violet. Although light color matters little to people aside from aesthetic preference, plants utilize the different colors found in visible light to control different aspects of their growth. Light according to the article in (2000) human eye can't detect the subtle differences in light wavelength found in white light, such as sunlight. However, light occurs in varying wavelengths, with the longer wavelengths producing warm colors, such as red, and the shorter wavelengths producing the cooler colors on the spectrum, such as blue. Different wavelengths of light can trigger or inhibit growth and flowering in plants.

Plants, plants are primary food providers; they sit at the bottom of the food chain. So as your researchers we will expand and elaborate our title to you for the next chapters that will lead you to the answer that you are looking for. This study will help you yield informations about the light effects to the growth of plants. And will give you a better understanding on how it happens including its scientific basis. This interesting experiment will give you ideas and will help in producing the right product, and as for the consumers this will guide you in choosing the best among the rest. As you have read on the above statements we can already detect and point out the factors that we will be discussing on the following chapters in our study. The factors or the variable of this study are the color of light which has already a brief introduction and will be further discussed to the next chapters and will be the independent variable of the study. The other factors are the mung bean, the soil, and temperature which are considered as the controlled variable in this study. And of course the growth of plant in terms of height and number of leaves which is considered as our dependent variable that will be noted further in this research study.

Through the study the researchers strongly believe that this will help farmers in the country to yield more crops and the effective artificial light for plants to use.

Statement of the problem
This study is conducted for further knowledge about the effect of the color of light to the growth of mung beans, in terms of height of the plant and its number of leaves. The concern of this study is also for the invention of new techniques for our Filipino Farmers using the colored transparencies. Which answers the problems that follows:

• Does the different colors of transparency affects the growth of plant? In terms of height and number of leaves. • Which color of transparency makes the plant grow longest in height? • Which color of transparency makes the plant grow lowest in height? • Which color of transparency makes the plant have the most number of leaves? • Which color of transparency makes the plant have the least number of leaves?

Hypothesis of the Study

There will be a significant change to the growth of plant when exposed to different color of lights in terms of height and its number of leaves.

The main objective of this study is to examine whether the color of light affects the growth of mung beans.

Significance of the study
Every year most of our Filipino farmers face problems involving the growth of their crop. This study strongly believes that the field in artificial light would help farmers to lessen their dilemmas. And for...
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