Munchausen Disorder

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Munchausen Disorder
Munchausen Disorder is a psychological disorder in which someone with a deep need for attention pretends to be very sick or injured on purpose. People that suffer from this syndrome go to extremes to push for operations, make up their symptoms, and some may attempt to rig laboratory tests results to win sympathy and concern. Munchausen is known as a factitious disorder which defines that the symptoms are either made up or self-inflicted. This disorder is odd yet hard to treat.

Munchausen symptoms revolve around faking or producing illness or injury to meet their emotional needs. Some mistake the symptoms ad a form of hypochondria. People with hypochondria truly believe they are sick whereas people with this disorder want to be. Munchausen syndrome symptoms may include: * Dramatic stories about numerous medical problems

* Frequents hospitalizations
* Vague or inconsistent symptoms
* Conditions that get worse for no apparent reason
* Eagerness to undergo frequent testing or risky operations * Extensive knowledge of medical terminology and diseases * Seeking treatment from many different doctors or hospitals * Having few visitors when hospitalized

* Reluctance to allow health professionals to talk to family or friends * Arguing with hospital staff
* Frequent request for pain relievers or other medications

Because these people that suffer from this disorder become experts at faking symptoms and diseases or inflicting real injures upon themselves it makes it extremely difficult for medical professionals and loved ones to know if the illnesses are real or not. Often they do have real and even life-threatening medical conditions, even though these conditions may be self-inflicted. Diagnosing Munchausen syndrome is often extremely difficult as well. In order for a factitious disorder to be diagnose, three criteria must be met. The criteria is as follows: Intentionally faking or producing symptoms, a...
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