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Topics: Delegate, Position paper, Model United Nations Pages: 4 (1660 words) Published: April 25, 2013
I love that we were well prepared for the New York conference. I do not feel that anything was over stressed in class. We mainly focused on position paper revising in class, and even though making a perfect position paper was not a major aspect of the conference, I do believe that researching information for the position paper did help. In fact, I wish we simply would have emphasized that. Not just properly writing the position paper, but finding better research for the paper and ultimately the conference. I felt prepared, but you can never be too prepared. I wish I would’ve researched major countries like the USA, the UK, China, Japan, Russia, and France and their positions on the topic. I wish I would’ve also researched the background of the countries directly involved. Besides that, I feel that I was very well prepared for the conference. I thought the research binders were extremely useful. I felt that all the information that I needed was at my fingertips. If anything needed to be added to the binder, I would say it should be the position papers of other main countries (the ones I mentioned earlier). Other than that, I think the research binders were perfect. Honestly, I did not even use the UT Tyler delegate guide, and I think I was well prepared. So in my opinion this delegate guide was useless.

I absolutely loved committee. The business cards were very handy. I used two out of the three sheets I was given. I wish my number was on the card, because that is how most communication took place. I gave my business card to anyone who liked my ideas and opinions or anyone who had ideas and opinions that I liked. I also gave my business card to all major countries (the ones I mentioned earlier) and I tried to get their information as well. I know it would be an easier job when it came to lobbying if I had a few major world leaders on my side. As for the notepads, I loved them and completely utilized them. I almost ran out in fact. My...
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