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Topics: Land mine, International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Demining Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: November 17, 2012
LANDMINE CLEARANCE policy statetment

Landmines have existed since the 19th century; many people from all around the world have been victims to bombs. Landmines continue to kill nearly 20,000 people every year, even decades after the ending of the conflicts for which they were placed. Land mines were designed for two main uses: to create defensive tactical barriers and slowing an invasion force's progress to allow reinforcements to arrive. But today it’s claiming more lives every week. Land mines are weapons of mass destruction in slow motion.Currently, The International Campaign to Ban Landmines, ICBL, is urging all governments to protest against Syria’s use of Landmines on its borders with Turkey and Lebanon. The Syrian army has been seen planting landmines along routes used to reach Turkey. It is reported that thousands of Syrians used these paths to flee to safety over the border, which is why locals have begun to restore access by removing the mines at great personal risk. Already reports have been received that a family of five was injured recently when trying to cross the minefields. Germany signed the Ottawa Treaty on the 3rd of December 1997. It has been helping the NSAWG (NON-STATE ACTORS WORKING GROUP) which was a movement inside ICBL that consists of campaigns to stop anti-personal landmines. This matter should be taken seriously and considered cautiously. The delegate would like to suggest that the UN create a demining battalion that would help the countries that need to get rid of their unwanted and dangerous mines. This way the UN would support restoring these fields to a good environment and it wouldn’t cost any more innocent civilian lives. Clauses:

urges that the UN creates a organization that trains and handle minesweepers that has been hired by this organization. This Organization will supply the best equipmentand PPE ( Proctective Personal Equipment) for the minesweepers to be sure that they come back alive from the clearance on...
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