Mummies Curse

Topics: Curse, Ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Mummy’s Curse|

. Legend has it that anyone who dared to open the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy. Because mummies have been associated with many magical powers throughout history, some of the mummies found from Egypt were ground into a fine powder and sold as mystical mummy powder. It's believed the powder had magical healing powers and it wasn't until the discovery of King Tut and the hype of the media that things would change forever.

There are several theories behind the Mummies Curse that came about during the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb. On the outside of the tomb the saying "Death Shall Come On Swift Wings to Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King" was written to warn off anyone from entering the tomb. After the tomb was discovered seve3ral strange and random events started taking place that made everyone believe that the curse was true. Later on People have come up with there own theories about this event some say it was the mummy following through with his curse others say it was just random incidents, and other scientists say that the deaths were due to microorganisms that killed the people. In one discussion they same that when the tomb was discovered the guy who funded the dig Lord Carnarvon died from a mosquito bite he received that had gotten infected. Apparently the same night that he died his dog howled and fell over dead, and after the lights of Cairo mysteriously went out. The media got a hold of the story and just ran with it that the curse had come true and was killing off those who had disturbed his resting place. Media also said that Howard Carters, the man that discovered the tomb, pet canary was killed by a bite from a cobra. The only thing that they could not explain is why Carter wasn’t killed during this time. Later in the same discussion it was said that Lord Carnarvon was killed by bacteria that was released into the air when the tomb was opened. Another discussion went into the...
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