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Rachel plays a young doctor engaged to an Ifugao chieftain’s son and is embroiled in the tribal wars between her fiance’s family and their rivals in this action/drama film. Also starring Raymart Santiago, Albert Martinez and Joel Torre..

Shooting the movie, Rachel says, was not a breeze for everyone involved in the production. The crew had to shoot for months in the rugged mountains of Banaue in heavy downpour. But Rachel cherished the experience of living in the mountains with hardly any electricity and running water. “The living conditions were a joke. The bathroom situation was terrible,” she relates.

What she found most difficult, however, was how the intermittent rains would cut her concentration. “Sometimes we would go for days without shooting. It seemed hard to get into character and maintain it through a stop-and-go schedule.” Despite the hassles,

MUMBAKI was finished in time for the August 14, 1996 premiere.

Joseph (Raymart Santiago) has just graduated from medical school and is set on leaving the Philippines with his fiancee (Rachel) for greener pastures in the U.S.A. But when his father, an Ifugao chieftain of the Lidum tribe in the Mountain Province, is killed in a tribal dispute with the neighboring Alimit tribe, Joseph returns only to discover two ailing problems: First, an epidemic of pneumonia in which his tribe refuses to be treated with modern medicine; and second, the Lidum’s ensuing war with the Alimit with Joseph being the “chosen one” to lead them.

Joseph must now decide how to be both healer of his people and warrior of his tribe.
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