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Computer is an electronic device which is capable of storing data. Like all electronic machines, computers too have limitations. They cannot perform all tasks carried out by humans and teaching is surely one of them.

If computers started replacing teachers, the environment of the whole school would go topsy turvy. There won’t be any teacher who could enforce his/her authority. Students would be left on their own. If they wish, they could bunk classes, skip homework and go on misbehaving in the class. With a teacher in the class, the students dare not do all this largely because of the teacher’s fear.

Some subjects like English Literature have no definite or perfect answers to them. A teacher marks a student on these subjects according to his level of understanding and grasping the text. But as for a computer, it would have only one answer, which would cause much problem. A teacher is more opinionated and can tell the pros and cons of anything.

The teacher can also show two sides of the coin and give a much broader view of anything. They share their experiences with the students who can pick and learn lessons from them.

If a student’s progress is not satisfactory, the student can always ask the teacher where he is lagging behind and what are his weak points so that he can focus on them next time. A teacher can also give career advices to a student as they know whether a particular student will be able to cope up with the studies in a specific field. As Henri Frederic Amiel said, “To know how to suggest is the art of teaching.”

If computers started replacing teachers, the subject would become pretty monotonous, while a teacher can add expressions while explaining, crack a joke in the middle of the lesson and raise questions so as to retain the students’ interest.

Living in a third world country, the idea of teachers being replaced by computers is very impractical. Hiring Hi-tech computer engineers to design a computer program according to every...
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