Multitasking Essay

Topics: Psychology, Internet, Human Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: December 8, 2011
- What are some different views on multitasking and digitalized media? - What were some ways the South Korean education and health systems are trying to combat Internet and gaming addictions while instilling internet values? Do you agree or disagree with these methods? - How about the US schools? Did you agree or disagree with the use of technology in middle and high schools? - In the latter half of the documentary, they explore media multitasking on a social level. We see gamers conventions, online dating and marriages, and delve into virtual reality. How do you feel about this new phenomenon? Do you think relationships that begin and are sustained online can matter as much as traditional relationships? Do you think this is healthy? - Lastly look at your own live, academically, professionally, and personally. Would you consider yourself someone who is multitasker? If so, has it enriched your life, made you more stressed? Consider ways you can limit your tech and internet use and lower your multitasking

Digitalized media era is considered as a revolution in such a way it have changed human behavior and lifestyle; while multitasking is a very old fact if we return back to primitive years, before the social division of labor the human should hunt and cultivate to be feed, build his own cabin, sew his clothes and other activities. As a result human development led us to more and more necessities and habits (watching movies, playing, shopping, traveling, reading and also social, political and economical interests). Human needs progress constantly and inventions too, it is thus that digitalized media appeared to guide and facilitate our human being and behavior. Nevertheless multitasking and digitalized media became a very bad cocktail, because as much as digitalized media is powerful and competent our multitask sense become excessive. In fact technological distractions prevent us to do not be bored due to the numerous things that Internet,...
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