Multistream Leadership at Work in Hawaii

Topics: Management, Leadership, English-language films Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: July 23, 2009
Lei Lei is a small but popular bar and grill in the north shore of Oahu Hawaii. Neubert and Buscher are the owners and managers which are examples of Multistream leaders. In this paper, I will study troubles that Lei Lei’s may face and ways in which they may be able apply leadership skills to perfect the issues that have arisen. For instance Neubert and Buscher have been offered several opportunities to expand their management responsibilities to other restaurants on the north shore of Oahu. Another idea discussed is can the management practices at Lei Lei’s be easily transferred to other existing restaurants or business. Expansion Opportunities

Servant leadership is an active approach to leadership that promotes the interests of others. Neubert and Buscher help their employee to “grow” as persons. Their focus is let the employee learn by their own experience of the orientation the many ways to involve and do more complex tasks. Also Neubert and Buscher maintain a servant leadership approach by working extra hours as cooks or waiters to minimize the burnout of stuff that may have personal issues to manage or particularly heavy workload on any one day. In my opinion this expansion might influence their ability to be servant leaders. This expansion will take a lot of their time in the Lei Lei bar. It will need Neubert and Buscher’s attention and will demand their time. In that case opening anther bar will take their focus from being a role model and helping their employee to grow. More over I think the positive effect on the stakeholders will be less. Now Neubert and Buscher have personal concern to improve the situation for the members of the bar, and when their attention will be to get expansion opportunities it won’t be totally for the members. What make this bar so special and success is the owners approached based on their values and the afforded they put on creating a sense of belonging to each new hires. This can be reached only by the management personal...
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