Multipoint Temperature Controller

Topics: HVAC, HVAC control system, Fuzzy logic Pages: 15 (2501 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust’s
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology
(Dept of Electronics & Telecommunication)

Project entitled
“ Multipoint Temperature control using a Single Blower”

Submitted by

Aditya Singh (B80393401)

Darshan Mohire (B80393431)

Project & Seminar: Part-I



University of Pune

Under supervision of

(Mrs. Gauri Ghule )

Year 2012 – 2013

Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust’s
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology
(Dept of Electronics & Telecommunication)


This is to certify that the project report entitled

“Multipoint Temperature control using a Single Blower"

Is being worked upon by

Aditya Singh
Darshan Mohire

The work is done, on the basis of the work allotted to these students, based on various Project ideas presented by them.

This project report is being submitted as a part of the subject Project and Seminar (Sem-1) at B.E. ELECTRONICS.

Prof.Gauri Ghule Prof.P.D.Khandekar Prof.Dr.B.S.Karkare Guide H.O.D- E& TC Principal


We extend our gratitude to our internal project guide MRS. GAURI GHULE and PROF. V.M. ARANAKE for the extremely valuable guidance they have provided us during the course of the project. This project would not have been successful this far without their timely and helpful inputs.

We are also thankful to PROF.DR.GARDE, for his constant encouragement and support.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Head of Department, Electronics and Telecommunication DR.P.D.KHANDEKAR, for providing us with highly conductive studying and working environment for this project.

Not to forget all those persons who were involved directly or indirectly during the course of the project in various aspects, both technical and non-technical. Special thanks to PROF. R.S. POL for his constant guidance regarding the software debugging.

We also acknowledge the comments and the assistance of MR.V.B.AMBHORE and MR. BHOJ.

And lastly we also thank the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of VIIT, Pune.




1. Introduction
2. Literature survey
3. Block Diagram
4. Hardware Design & PCB Layout
5. Software Design
6. Simulation Results
7. Hardware Testing
8. List Of Components
9. References
10. Data Sheets


• The objective is to develop a system for sensing temperature at different points inside a room or duct and maintaining it at ambient temperature.

• Basically the idea is to control the temperature inside a duct with hot gases flowing through it. At the end of the duct there is a single blower whose fan speed is to be regulated according to the temperature changes.

• The project finds its application in fields with heating issues. The temperature could not be brought down below ambient temperature as a Blower is being used.

• Fuzzy Logic Control is implemented by storing previous Temperature values, making decision sets and implementing Logic accordingly.

• The project is subdivided into two Modules for ease in approach-

Module 1: Temperature sensing using LM35 and displaying it onto LCD.

Module 2: Blower’s Induction Motor control using Look-Up Table....
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