Multiple Perspective Analysis

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81. Mark University's

Events Department

A Multiple Perspectives Analysis


Table of Contents

I. II. Introduction and Topic of Analysis MechanisticlBureaucratic Perspective a. Formal Organization Chart b. Organization Design Analysis c. Task Design Analysis

III. Human Relations Movement Perspective a. Informal Networks Charts b. Motivations Chart c. Theory X1Y Analysis IV. Political Perspective a. Key Stakeholders b. Interests Charts c. Conflicts and Power Chart d. Political Rule Analysis V. Open Systems Perspective a. Enviromnental Sectors Chart b. Uncertainty Chart



An eight-woman team of creative, organized, and energetic women makes up the University Events department ofSt. Mark University. As a current employee of this organization, I have intimate knowledge of the department and immediate access to its employees and practices, and thus have chosen to analyze it in this Multiple Perspectives Analysis. St. Mark University, founded in 1845, is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Catholic Church and located in Boston, Massachusetts. A medium-sized college, St. Mark enrolls 15,000 students in one undergraduate and four graduate schools, and employs approximately 3,000 faculty and f', {



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The University Events department consists of a director, an assistant director, five managers, and a coordinator who plan, coordinate, and execute approximately 200 events annually. These events include fundraisers, graduations, travel programs, dedications, tribute dinners, donor relations activities, and board meetings, and are executed with the overall goal to create and build upon a sense of community in keeping with the mission and image of St. Mark University. My position as Manager of Special Events requires me to manage a selection of these events annually, as well as assist other managers at additional events. The following Multiple Perspectives Analysis will analyze and evaluate this organization through the Mechanistic/Bureaucratic, Human Relations, Political, and Open Systems Perspectives.

**Please note that names and other identifying information have been changedfor confidentiality purposes. **


Mechanistic/Bureaucratic Perspective

The MechanisticIBureaucratic Perspective, a compilation of Bureaucracy, Classical Management Theory, and Scientific Management theory, examines the degree to which the organization is characterized by the mechanistic principles developed by those theories.

Organizational Chart
To begin, the structural design of the organization is fundamental to understanding and analyzing its inner workings. Because it is part of a much larger organization, St. Mark University, the Events department is specifically and strategically designed to align with the structure ofthe University as a whole. That construction is detailed below.




Carey Larson

Caylin Carver

Molly Palmer
Manager of
C!.,..,.,.;,.1 li'.. ,,...... -In

Manager of Special Events,

Erin Jefferson

Mara Winston
Manager of Special







Alli Stephens


Figure 2.1: Organizational Chart




First of all, the head of the chart and lead role in the organization is the Director, Jill McMahon, responsible for the supervision, management, and training of the department, budget planning, and directing the overall planning, development, and execution of the department's mission and goals. Though she technically only supervises the Assistant Director, she also oversees the day­ to-day operations of the department and supervises and assists any of the other employees when needed, illustrated by the dotted lines. She also supervises Mara Winston, Manager of Events for the President's Office, Though Mara's position is designed to be supervised by the Assistant Director, a...
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