Multiple Intelligences

Topics: Intelligence, Cognition, Learning Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Multiple Intelligences
The intelligence that I relate the most in Gardner’s theory is Interpersonal. I enjoy spending time with my friends and talking about everything. I always try to understand and help others as much as I can. It has never bother me to listen to peoples issues and it makes me want to find the best solution for them. Its like a challenge that I’m always willing to accomplish. The weakest type of intelligence that I have is Logical- Mathematical. I have never enjoy math it takes me a while to understand and solve the problems. Mathematics are very important in our lives so I’ve learned to understand the basic math to use it in my daily life. However, just to think about going back to algebra and geometry classes gives me a headache. Most of my group members similarities are in Interpersonal. We all feel comfortable listening and we try to understanding others as well. We also seem to be aware of and expressing feelings. One of my groups members first choice was Naturalistic. Which in my case would be one the weakest to be applied, I don’t enjoy studying plants, animals, forest, or oceans. I do enjoy going to all this places and experiencing the nature of them. Another member of my group weakest choice was Bodily- Kinesthetic and I do agree with her I also have sometimes a hard time understanding things that are being explained visually. I prefer learning through doing things than just listening, practice makes me have a better understanding of everything. Gardner argues that schools should give mores attention to the development of all eight kinds of intelligence. (pg. 87) I believe that for most schools to focus on this eight kinds of

intelligence they will have to be a private school. Unfortunately not all schools provide students with programs that will focus on the eight kinds of intelligence and that can be one of the reasons to be better at them.

Musical classes were not provided in my school because there was enough funds and maybe...
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