Multiple Intelligences

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Problem solving, Mathematics Pages: 4 (1007 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Mulitple Intelligences
Question 3
Howard Gradner distinguishes eight domains of ability in his theory of multiple intelligences. Briefly discuss each of these intelligences and explain how you will apply any four of them in your classroom.

Howard Gardener distinguishes eight domains of ability in his theory of multiple intelligences: linguistic/verbal, logical/mathematical, spatial, musical/rhythmic, physical/kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal, and naturalistc.

The first type of intelligence I’m going to discuss is called linguistic/verbal. This type of intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to convey the message effectively. It relates to writing as well. A person with a high level of linguistic intelligence can often be used to persuade someone to do something, to express a particular point of view effectively or to help them remember a particular piece of information. Those with linguistic intelligence often have deep imaginations and are able to express their imaginations in words. They dream in words and can write or talk about their fascinating experiences. Writing, reading and storytelling are often characteristics of an individual with a high level of linguistic intelligence. Instead of instructing learners to simply write down the given information, teachers can let these type of learners to give a general instruction and let the individuals write down, in their own words, the completed tasks. Letting learners also explain their answers is also a good idea, as it gives freedom when expressing their ideas.

Next, I will look at Logical/Mathematical intelligence. This intelligence involves proficiency in numbers and reasoning and includes a high level of receptiveness to logical patterns, relationships, statements, propositions and similar abstractions. This type of intelligence lends itself to a strong natural grasp of mathematics. These learners are typically logically orientated and thrive on problems...
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