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Image/s: lunches in foil, sandwich bags, lunch boxes, paper bags Title: Brown Bag Basics
Subtitle: All wrapped up
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If we each had a nickel for every time a member of our families complained about not liking the lunch he or she had, we would all be rich! To start the new school year off on the right foot here are some time- and money-saving tips and ideas for making lunches healthier, neater, and more fun and appealing for our children. Text:

If you’re making lunches to take along for yourself or your family, you need to stock up on Ziploc bags in different sizes and/or plastic containers that lock and are leak-proof. Lightweight, fun lunchboxes personalized with your kids’ names can serve as a mailbox for the teacher, who may sometimes send notes home inside them. A reusable water bottle or Thermos is a great way to send hot or cold drinks, and you can refill it yourself for a fraction of the cost of throwaway containers.

Colored labels or marking pens are good ways to keep clear on what containers belong to differ. If your children’s schools offer school lunches, keep in mind what they serve each day – (kosher meals: dairy, meat, or pareve) – so that you can organize meals more easily. Be sure to stock up on lunch supplies on Sunday or Monday to be sure that you will have what you need to make it through the week, and plan ahead to take the guesswork out of lunch prep first thing in the morning.

Running Short on Time?
Don’t stop at planning ahead, go on and prepare ahead! Many sandwiches can be made up to one week in advance before you use them, and they keep well in the freezer. Egg salad, tuna fish, cheese and deli meats all freeze and thaw well. Make as many sandwiches as you will need, wrap them in foil and tuck them into labeled Ziploc bags. On the day they will be eaten, toss a frozen sandwich into each lunchbox, and it will keep drinks and fruit fresh and crisp while it...
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