Multiple Choice Quiz

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Multiple Choice Quiz

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Multiple Choice Quiz
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A company with a(n) _____ predisposition tries to integrate a global systems approach to decision-making. A) geocentric B) regiocentric C) polycentric D) ethnocentric Feedback: Page: 129 Difficulty: Easy


After the breakup of the Soviet Union, MNCs typically entered into partnerships with the republics of the former Soviet Union with a view toward making them: A) part of at least one major trade block. B) efficient and profitable. C) a desirable market for global firms. D) comply with Western labor standards. Feedback: Page: 133 Difficulty: Medium


In Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States, managers value their individualism and are motivated by all of the following opportunities except: A) routine responsibilities. B) advancement. C) earnings. D) recognition. Feedback: Page: 138 Difficulty: Medium


The word namaste means "greetings to you" in: A) India. B) Russia. C) China. D) Japan. Feedback: Page: 145 Difficulty: Easy


Most French organizations tend to be: A) highly centralized and have flexible structures.

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Multiple Choice Quiz

B) highly decentralized and have rigid structures. C) highly centralized and have rigid structures. D) highly decentralized and have flexible structures. Feedback: Page: 146 Difficulty: Easy

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