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1. Air contain (a) 32% Oxygen (b) 31% oxygen (d) 16% Oxygen (e) 21% Oxygen 2. In 1803, the law of mass relationships was formulated by (a) F. Wohler (b) Albert Einst (c) None of the above 3. _______ is attributed with the synthesis of urea (a) Friedrich Wohler (b) Dmitri Mendeleev (c) Albert Einstein 4. ______ revived the helicocentric model of the solar system (a) Aristarchus of Samos (b) Isaac Newton 5. The theory of Quantum Mcchanic was formulated in 1925 by: (a Galilea and Kepler (b) None of the above 6. The following are irreplaceable except (a) Fish (b) Trees (c) man (d) Gold 7. _______ % of the internal medium of living organism is water (a) 10 (b) 70 (c) 75 (d) 80 8. The following are metallic minerals except (a) Lead (b) diamond (c) Zinc (d) sand 9. The following are non-metallic minerals except (a) sand (b) gravel (c) salt (d) lead 10. Corrosive liquids have a high potential of cause _____ injury to the body (a) internal (b) external (c) systemic 11. Corrosive gases have a high potential to cause____ injury to the body (a) internal (b) external (c) systemic 12. Flammabe chemical could ____ (a) gases (b) liquid (c) solids (d) all of the above. 13. For a fire to occur, there must be ____ (a) Oxygen (b) combustion (c) inflammable substance. 14. The lowest temperature at which a liquid has sufficient vapour pressure to form an ignitable mixture with air near the fact of the liquid is called _____ (a)autoignition temperature (b) flash point (c) boiling point 15. Hazards are caused by man-made processes only. (a) false (b) true 16. The followings are not hazardous chemicals except (a) gases oxygen (b) sulphur dioxide (c) nitrogen 17. A gas that may be responsible for acid rain is (a) Oxygen (b) argon (c) hydrogen (d) none of the above 18. The known universe consists of (a) A cluster of stars (b) the Local group (c) array of galaxies. 19. The Big Bang represented a sudden tremendous explosion that (a) created chemical elements as we know them today (b) formed the carbon dioxide blanket (c) depletes the ozone layer (d) formed the earth’s magnetic field 20. Our Earth is an integral part of the (a) minor planets (b) planetoids (c) solar system (d) elliptical orbits. 21. Solar system consists of the sun as the central hub around which planets and their satellites revolve (a) True (b) false 22. Our solar system family consists of 9 large planets with 28 satellites attending 6 of them (a) True (b) false 23. The acronym “AD” used in historical dating means: (a) Anno Domini (b) in the year of the Lord (c) Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (d) the years after the birth of Jesus Christ (e) All of the above. 24. The history of science dates back to: (a) stone age (b) bronze age (c) None of the above (e) All of the above 25. The science of art of obtaining the working with metals is known as: (a)Archeology (b) Metallurgy 26. Copper which is more abundant than gold, was not used until: (a) 1500AD (b) 1500 BC (c) 3500BC (d) 2700BC 27. The Logic that nature was made up f “four elements” was proposed by Empedocles and Anaximander (a) True (b) False 28. Which of these is not a threat of wildlife? (a) habitat fragmentation (b) reproduction (c) over kill (d) agriculture 29. Any odour either foul or sweet that affects the normal atmospheric composition is regarded as air smog (a) True (b) False 30. /// Port Harcourt, two major types of population experienced are water and air pollution (a) True (b) false 31. The Federal Government Agency responsible for regulating environmental problem is NDDC (a) True (b) false 32. Which of these is not a renewable resource (a) hydropower/water (b) biomass (c) solar (d) uranium.

33. Tobacco is a hazardous...
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