Multiparty Negotiations

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  • Published : August 1, 2011
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Multiparty Negotiations, Trust / Reputation

Mark Langsam

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (BUS 526)

Dr. Paul Jaikaran


In this paper I will explain how I would develop and effective negotiating team to work on multiparty negotiations. I will outline the actions I would take and explain why these would be effective. Additionally, I will describe and event that would cause damage to the level of trust during negotiation and explain the actions I would take to repair the trust and maintain positive relationships with negotiating parties. Last I will explain why I think these actions would be effective.

Explain how you would develop an effective negotiating team to work on multiparty negotiations. Outline the actions you would take and explain why these would be effective.

Developing an effective team to work on a multiparty negotiation can be a challenge. Prior to the negotiation, I would put together a list of the participants I would like to participate in the negotiation. Once I have made a list, I would distribute it to all participants asking for feedback. The feedback I would request is whether or not I have included everybody that needs to be involved. If I left a vital role player out than I would make the appropriate changes and update the list for re-distribution.

Prior to the start of the meeting, I would develop the roles for the meeting. Some of the roles may be a timekeeper, taking notes, a facilitator, or mediator etc. I would distribute the roles to my participants and ask for volunteers for certain roles. The participants who do not pick up a role and the spots that are unfilled I would address during the first meeting. I would address the team and ask if everybody agrees on each person’s role. Once an agreement is met for each person’s role, we can move forward....
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