Multinational Operations C2 Arrangement

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Command and Coordination Mechanism of Multinational Joint Operations Nationality: Fijian

Rank: Major

Name: Ilai (Jack) Moceica

20th April 2010

Name: Ilai (Jack) Moceica Rank: Major Arms: Infantry Corps Enlistment date: March 1985 Post: Officer Instructor Education Level: Grade II Military Staff and Tactics Auto-biography I was born in Fiji on 14 July 1965 and educated at the Queen Victoria School. I enlisted into the then Royal Fiji Military Force in Sep 1985 was posted to 1st Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, UNIFIL Lebanon from Oct 1985 – Oct 1986, and subsequently served with the 2nd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, Multinational Force and Observers, (MFO) Egypt from Apr 1987 – Apr 1988, on both occasions as a soldier. Returning to Fiji, I was posted to the Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) Squadron after successfully completing the CRW Selection Course and Continuation Training Cycle. I attended Officer Cadet training in Fiji and was commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant in Mar 1992. During my posting with CRW Squadron from Jan 1991 – Nov 1994, I‟ve held various appointments namely Troop Commander, Training Officer, and Intelligence/Operations Officer. In Oct 1988, I got transferred to the Force Training Group and appointed a cadre Team Leader. I was posted again to FTG in 2005 as Officer Commanding School of Infantry. I have held appointments with the 3rd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment as Intelligence Officer from Aug 2000 – May 2002 and Operations Officer from Jun 2003 – Nov 2004. In Peacekeeping missions overseas, I held the appointment of Platoon Commander in Dec 1994 – Dec 1995 and again in Sept 1997 – Sept 1998, whilst serving with 1st Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, (1FIR) – UNIFIL, South Lebanon. I was appointment Information/Operation Officer with the Fiji Company deployed under the 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment which was part of INTERFET/UNTAET Nov 1999 – Jun 2000. I served as Operations Officer with 2nd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, MFO - Egypt from May 2002 – May 2003 and the Fijian Battalion, Iraq in Nov 2004 – May 2005. In Jan 2006- Jan 2007, I was attached to the Australian Defense Force as an Observer/Trainer at their Combat Training Center-Live, Townsville. I had another deployment with 2FIR MFO as Field Force Liaison Officer from Sep 2007 – Mar 2009. My last appointment was Officer Instructor, at the Fiji Army Officer Training Center before coming to Nanjing, China. I have also attended Junior and Senior Military Officers training and courses both in Fiji and overseas. I was fortunate to have attended the UN Military Contingent Course held in New Delhi, India in Sep 2005 and the International Liaison Course in Israel in 2008. I am married with three beautiful children. E-Mail address:

Command and Coordination Mechanism of Multinational Joint Operations Essay Abstract The search for effective forms and methods of coordination in the military sphere has been unceasing. Official documentation of historical past wars and operational experiences had been drawn on to improve the coordination and interaction of matters on joint action by the army, navy and air force. Relative to the interaction in all three multidimensional components of the forces are the relationship of individuals who command the different organizations, his principal staff and methods on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of members interaction through coordination. This can be understood in the process of analyzing the mechanism of these relations, given its hierarchical structure and complex character. War history exemplifies that a combination of objective and subjective reasons have placed military command into chaos, resulting in not fully connecting the ways to the means in achieving the desired endstate. One main reason for this is the existing contradiction between the theory and practice of coordination. The trend in theory is the aspiration to...
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