Multimedia Systems

Topics: Data compression, Discrete cosine transform, RAID Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Multimedia IGDS MSc Exam 1999 Setter: ADM Checker: OFR Time Allowed: 2 Hours Answer 3 Questions out of 4 Each Question Carries 24 Marks

1. (a) What is meant by the terms Multimedia and Hypermedia? Distinguish between these two concepts. [2] (b) What is meant by the terms static media and dynamic media? Give examples of each type of media. [4] (c) What types of functionality need to be provided in order to effectively use a wide variety of media in Multimedia applications. Your answer should briefly address how such functionality can be facilitated in general Multimedia applications. [8] (d) Different types of media will require different types of supporting operations to provide the adequate levels of functionality. For the examples of static and dynamic media given in part 1(b) briefly discuss what operations are needed to support a wide range of multimedia applications. [10]


(a) Why is file or data compression necessary for Multimedia activities? [2]

(b) Briefly explain how the Discrete Cosine Transform Operates, and why is it so important in data compression in Multimedia applications [10] (c) A Simple Transform Encoding procedure maybe described by the following steps for a 2x2 block of monochrome pixels: 1. Take top left pixel as the base value for the block, pixel A. 2. Calculate three other transformed values by taking the difference between these (respective) pixels and pixel A, i.e. B-A, C-A, D-A. 3. Store the base pixel and the differences as the values of the transform. Given the above transform: (i) (ii) What is the inverse transform? [2] How may such a transform scheme be used to compress data?


[3] Show how you would encode and compress the following image block: 10 15 20 15 20 25 25 20 20 15 10 15 25 20 20 25


[4] Why is this scheme not very suitable for general image compression? [3]

3 (a) What are the major factors when considering storage requirements for Multimedia Systems? [4] (b) What is RAID technology...
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