Multimedia Systems

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Multimedia is the media that uses multiple forms of information content and Information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the user. Multimedia also refers to the use of electronic media to store and experience multimedia content. Multimedia is similar to traditional mixed media in fine art, but with a broader scope. The term "rich media" is synonymous for interactive multimedia.

Definition: Multimedia uses computers to present text, audio, video, animation, interactive features, and still images in various ways and combinations made possible through the advancement of technology. By combining media and content, those interested in multimedia can take on and work with a variety of media forms to get their content across. This is an exciting new field for those interested in computers, technology, and creative career options. Multimedia can be accessed through computers or electronic devices and integrates the various forms together. One example of multimedia would be combining a website with video, audio, or text images. Multimedia Structure.

Application domain — provides functions to the user to develop and present multimedia projects. This includes Software tools, and multimedia projects development methodology. System domain — Which includes all supports for using the functions of the device domain, e.g., operating systems, communication systems (networking) and database systems. Device domain —Which provides the basic concepts and skill for processing various multimedia elements and for handling physical device.

Stages of Multimedia Application Development
A Multimedia application is developed in stages as all other software are being developed. In multimedia application development a few stages have to complete before other stages being, and some stages may be skipped or combined with other stages. Following are the four basic stages of multimedia project development : 1. Planning and Costing: This stage of multimedia application is the first stage which begins with an idea or need. This idea can be further refined by outlining its messages and objectives. Before starting to develop the multimedia project, it is necessary to plan what writing skills, graphic art, music, video and other multimedia expertise will be required. It is also necessary to estimate the time needed to prepare all elements of multimedia and prepare a budget accordingly. After preparing a budget, a prototype or proof of concept can be developed. 2. Designing and Producing: The next stage is to execute each of the planned tasks and create a finished product. 3. Testing: Testing a project ensures the product to be free from bugs. Apart from bug elimination another aspect of testing is to ensure that the multimedia Multimedia Systems application meets the objectives of the project. It is also necessary to test whether the multimedia project works properly on the intended deliver platforms and they meet the needs of the clients. 4. Delivering: The final stage of the multimedia application development is to pack the project and deliver the completed project to the end user. This stage has several steps such as implementation, maintenance, shipping and marketing the product.

Elements of Multimedia System
Multimedia means that computer information can be represented through audio, Graphics, image, video and animation in addition to traditional media(text and graphics). Hypermedia can be considered as one type of particular multimedia application. Categories of Multimedia

Multimedia may be broadly divided into linear and non-linear categories. Linear active content progresses without any navigation control for the viewer such as a cinema presentation. Non-linear content offers user interactivity to control progress as used with a computer game or used in self-paced computer based training. Non-linear content is also known as hypermedia content....
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