Multimedia Approach to Teaching

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Multimedia Approach to Teaching Learning Process
Multimedia - Definition
Digital integration of Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio, Still images, Motion Video. Nature of Multimedia Approach
* Multimedia approach uses a number of media, devices, and techniques in the teaching learning process. * Multimedia approach can convey vast information and provide many sources from which student can access the information. * Multimedia approach will improve the teaching learning process. * Multimedia approach is not restricted to a single type of learning style. It can provide the support of a wide range of activities. * Multimedia approach aims at providing meaningful learning experience via a mix of media in order to achieve predetermined objectives. * Multimedia approach provides the opportunity to gain mastery of competencies and skills. * The choice of the media has to be done carefully so that one does not hamper or reduce the effect of the other. That is each media must complement the other. * Multimedia approach will enable the learner to get access to information in dynamic environment. Role of Teacher in Multimedia Approach

* Teacher has to adopt a number of methods and techniques. * Teacher has to aware of the different available media and their availability. * Teacher should be physically competent to use and demonstrate the use of the different media. * Teacher should be skillful enough to make a judicious choice of media and competent enough to mix them sequentially and in an orderly manner. * Teacher's role is that of a facilitator or manager of activities. * Teacher has to lead his student for independent, individualized learning.

Advantages of the multimedia Approach
* Multimedia approach enables the student to represent information using several different media. * Can arouse the curiosity among the learner and provide them vivid impressions. * Multimedia can take into account different learning...
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