Multigrade Class

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Multigrade classes is a combination classes, have been organized in barrios and barangays where the number of pupils of the grade level required has not been met to make up a separate class. The teacher the apportions class time of instruction within the class. This implies the need for more elaborate preparation by the teacher of the learning process and variety of different learning modes. Multigrade classes also called A Multi- Age Group. Multi-age is a term commonly used today to describe mixed-age groups. In most cases where this term is applied to the grouping pattern, it is driven by pedagogical rather than economic reasons. The meaning of multi-age is “Use multi-age to mean two or more grade levels that have been intentionally blended together to improve learning". Multi-age differs slightly from ungraded or non-graded grouping, which does not differentiate between different grade levels and does allow for students' continuous progress through the curriculum. Multi-age grouping may be implemented for institutional or pedagogical reasons by the administration of the school, but the outcome is that students are able to interact across age groups and have long-term relationships with other students and teachers. In a multi-age middle school program students from more than one grade level learn side by side. The oldest students eventually move on and are replaced by a new group of younger students each year. INALIG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Inalig Elementary School as a child- centered and
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Inalig Elementary School a place where Christian Values will be inculcated to prepare them your upright citizenry. * To provide quality education by respecting individual differences of children to be globally competitive. * To develop pupils into well-rounded personality with deep concern to people and environment.

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