Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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[pic]Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

Instructions: This questionnaire provides a description of your leadership style. Twenty-one descriptive statements are listed below. Judge how frequently each statement fits you. The word “others” may mean your followers, clients, or group members.

KEY:0 = Not at all
1 = Once in a while
2 = Sometimes
3 = Fairly often
4 = Frequently, if not always

I make others feel good to be around me.1234
I express with a few simple words what we could and should do. 1234 I enable others to think about old problems in new ways. 1234 I help others develop themselves. 1234
I tell others what to do if they want to be rewarded for their work. 1234 I am satisfied when others meet agreed-upon standards. 1234 I am content to let others continue working in the same way as always. 1234 Others have complete faith in me. 1234

I provide appealing images about what we can do. 1234
I provide others with new ways of looking at puzzling things. 1234 I let others know how I think they are doing. 1234
I provide recognition/rewards when others reach their goals. 1234 As long as things are working, I do not try to change anything. 1234 Whatever others want to do is O.K. with me. 1234
Others are proud to be associated with me. 1234
I help others find meaning in their work. 1234
I get others to rethink ideas that they had never questioned before. 1234 I give personal attention to others who seem rejected. 1234 I call attention to what others can get for what they accomplish. 1234 I tell others the standards they have to know to carry out their work. 1234 I ask no more of others than what is absolutely essential. 1234

Source: Copyright © 1992 B. M. Bass and B. J. Avolio
SCORING: The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire measures your leadership on seven factors related to transformational leadership. Your score for each factor is...
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