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Multiculturalism in the United States

The side in opposition to multiculturalism firmly believes that it weakens America by keeping immigrants from adequately assimilating to the core values of America’s Anglo Protestant identity. This side believes that multiculturalism weakens the “social bond” of the United States by denying that immigrants need to assimilate to the language and values of the country’s dominant culture. The rise of non-English speaking communities is seen as a detrimental factor in the goal of achieving unity in American culture. Opponents state that immigrants coming to the United States must always lose their previous culture from their country of origin, to be able to completely assimilate to and fully embrace American culture. Multiculturalism has led to a movement of anti-assimilation, which many Americans feel is in severe contrast to the true concept of their nation. As the sizes of immigrant groups grow, their subcultural patterns and language are sustained, which prevents immigrants from learning English and therefore from functioning within the larger society.

The abandonment of foreign culture in America continues to reflect a social norm in which western civilizations tend to incorporate with and the only culture that survives tends to be based on foreign colonial ideals The rapid development of a national infrastructure early in America's history, can be attributed due to England's own personal hand purse, the abundance of natural resources found in America, as well as free slave labor. The influence of England's aristocracy helped to instill in Americans an inherent distrust of outsiders, which is so unlike the ideals that this country was theoretically founded on. The inevitable destruction of the individual seen in capitalism is only persevered by our own freedoms. A norm in which is delayed by inbreeding negative social values. This typically English speaking, male-dominant mindset has been responsible for...
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