Multiculturalism vs. Nation State

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  • Published : January 20, 2010
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Stepping well in to the twenty first century, as humans and citizens of our respective countries, we can see that many things have changed, and customs, cultures and traditions have all been evolved. Some countries have embraced the concept of Multiculturalism, while other countries have chosen to remain independent, and have maintained their stance on the traditional and patriotic principle of the Nation State. Opinions on which concept proves to be more beneficial for a country are often contradicted, and in order to fully understand the concepts, and conclude with an educated assumption, both concepts must be introduced and analyzed. The following paper will do just that; Multiculturalism and Nation State will be introduced and thoroughly analyzed, and then a choice will be made.

Taking a closer look at the first concept, we can see that Nation-State is comprised of two powerful words. The Nation is defined as an entity that shares a common culture and people of the same race and ethnicity. On the other hand, State refers to an entity that is bounded by a certain geographical location, and abides by the same politics. In combining these two terms, a new concept is derived. A Nation State generally refers to a form of state that develops its legitimacy from operating as a sovereign entity for a nation as well as a sovereign territorial unit (1). In short, a Nation State is generally defined as a state or a country that is determined by certain geographical borders, and citizens who come from the same cultural background or are of the same race. In addition to this, citizens within a Nation State speak the same language, follow the same religion, and share common cultural values and beliefs (2).

There have been many ambiguities to the term Nation State, due to the fact that it is quite clear in theory; however it gets more difficult when it comes to implementation of the concept. Due to high levels of immigration in certain countries, it is difficult for...
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