Multiculturalism and Immigration

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  • Topic: Sociology, Immigration, Immigration to the United States
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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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There is a difference between multiculturalism and immigration… seems that in the context of the argument, that it is being “lumped together” to mean the same thing. Multiculturalism, in my view, is the culmination of values, mores, religions, morals and personal points of view of a people that are driven by their societal upbringing. Immigration, on the other hand, is relocation of people to another country or region for economic gain, financial opportunity, or political/religious refuge or freedom. Multiculturalism is more of a societal concept whereas immigration is more economic and driven by some desire to exist in a situation better than the situation that they are already in. Now, multiculturalism is a by-product of immigration by the simple fact that immigration brings the societal values, mores, morals and religious convictions of the people that are immigrating to the particular region. When this occurs, the host nation will have to accommodate the change and embrace the differences that introduced. If the host nation is resistant to change and not accommodating to the cultural differences, conflict and tension will dominate the socioeconomic climate and make the societal problem a political argument. The fundamental principle of America is that it is the “Land of Opportunity!” Many of us old enough to remember the saying that our country was referred to as the “Great American Melting Pot”, are now facing a challenge from the very thing that made our country unique and beautiful. Referring back to the economic concept of “Supply & Demand” applies to the problem of immigration. There are more people (DEMAND) than the country’s natural and socioeconomic resources (SUPPLY) can adequately provide for. When political ideas are introduced, it serves as the main catalyst for tension and argument for why multiculturalism fails. When a region is saturated with a surplus of people and a shortage of resources (housing, employment, infrastructure,...
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