Multicultural Workforce

Topics: Migrant worker, Foreign worker, Indonesia Pages: 8 (2787 words) Published: January 29, 2011
With all due respect, let me give each step that I am going to do in this project. First step I will explain each of the definition that related to the project. Supervision means that act of one person watching over the work of another who is less skilled, usually in a work, professional, or educational context. In other words, there are some perceptions of Supervision in the eye of Professionalism. For example, in psychology and psychotherapy supervision refers to the system whereby therapists are expected to arrange another therapist for their own benefit or to discuss their work. It is part of professional good practice. Now we can conclude that the one who work as Supervisor is responsible to monitor, manage, and control the members which are under his direction.

Now I move on to multicultural workforce as the problem of this project in order to clarify the challenge of Management and Supervision. Multicultural work force refers to the changing age, sex, ethnicity, physical ability, race, and sexual orientation of employees across all types and places of work in the United States. Multicultural workforce as a descriptive term or phrase has, however, largely been supplanted by the term "diversity" in describing the increasing heterogeneity of the workplace through the inclusion of different groups of people. While "multicultural workforce" is still sometimes used in reference to employees of varying social, racial, and ability characteristics, the scope of diversity goes further and includes not only the personal characteristics of an organization's employees but also the way an organization responds to a multicultural or diverse workforce. Accordingly Roosevelt Thomas, founding president of the American Institute for Managing Diversity, qualified diversity as a "comprehensive managerial process for developing an environment that works for all employees." Likewise the Portable MBA Desk Reference ended its definition of "diversity" in a similar manner. "The challenge posed by diversity, then, is to accommodate different groups by addressing their lifestyles, values, work style, and family needs without compromising the goals and operations of the organization." furthermore Joan Crockett, vice president for human resources at Allstate Insurance Co., viewed a diverse workforce as being about "unlocking the potential for excellence among all workers." Allstate's diversity vision statement summed up this belief: "Diversity is Allstate's strategy for leveraging differences in order to create a competitive advantage."

Now I will give some cases that become the challenge of supervision and management in the multicultural workforce, which is the main point in this project. In fact there are a lot of problem that become challenges of supervision and management in the workforce. Now let’s we see one of the challenges worker in Malaysia that become crucial problem for the management and supervision is the foreign workers. Foreign workers in Malaysia is become crucial issue because according to my analysis there are 2 million foreign workers in Malaysia right now, and become the serious problem for the government Malaysia to maintain and manage this worker. Let’s see the history of foreign worker in Malaysia, ince the colonial period, migrant labour has played an important role in the expansion of the economy. Chinese and Indian immigrants, for example, were crucial in the tin-mining and rubber planting industries respectively. Chinese women in the mining industry were mostly relegated to being dulang washers (to pan for tin) while Indian women plantation workers were initially weeders before being allowed to perform rubber-tapping duties. Chinese migrant women also served as domestic workers in the homes of affluent Chinese members of society. Young women migrants also provided “sexual services” to Chinese men, working in brothels and later, in “entertainment” outlets such as dance halls and cabarets.

Malaysia continues...
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