Multicultural Teams

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Multicultural Teams
Core Characteristics and Skills Essential for Leading Global Teams Many successful contemporary organizations increasingly function on a global stance. Enhancements in technology and communication based exchanges make simpler and empower companies that desire the ability to work and operate in multiple locations and cultures. Because of this, it has become considerably more common to find global leaders in many organizations worldwide as the world shrinks as a result of technological advancements. Leading team members from different time zones, continents and language barriers presents many distinct challenges (Hackman & Powell, 2004). Below is listed some of the manners by which leaders can successfully lead global teams. Be a Service Based Leader

No matter how far away an employee is, it must always be the priority of the leader to provide the highest level of service to the employee possible. Because the leader is provided a high degree of confidence from which to make decisions and provide the necessary leadership to lead the organization to success, the employee must always feel that leader has his or her best interest in mind (Gallagher & Cook, 2005). Understand the Common Language

Although speaking multiple languages fluently is not overly realistic for most leaders, taking the time to learn and use the more conventional words in the language of employees can be extremely beneficial. Significant words, such as yes and no, please and thank you, as well as words that are considered explicit to the leaders specific industry reflects the leader’s endeavor and attention in the team’s needs. This also helps for when it is needed to use these words in written communications to larger local audiences. There are multiple technological tools available online that will assist in making this task much easier (Hackman & Powell, 2004). By doing this, a leader shows that while he or she supports the official language of the...
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