Multicultural Society

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Multicultural Society, is a society where people migrate from different countries and bring their cultures along with them; causing the country to be a diverse and flavorful culture. One Century America was called a melting pot as described Schlesinger but now it is considered to be a toss salad. In a multicultural nation, thus individuals are allowed to keep their own culture; some laws favorable to some groups while undermining the civil right of other; which is the case for Islamic women prohibited to wear their veil in public in order to prevent the Ku Klux Kan from wearing their head sack in public. In multicultural society there will always be conflict, for one group wants to dominate or eliminate the minority. This has always been the case in our society from day one, causing segregations of race, class, gender and so on. Segregations may be illegal yet the practice still exist, that is why we still have Black colleges, Hispanic heritage, Black history month, Jewish holiday and different ethnic clubs. Be mindful there is nothing wrong with the different ethnic clubs; however, segregations result in isolation rather than inclusion. “multiculturalism can endanger social unity and cohesion, and can contradict the liberal ideals of individualism and meritocracy” Brewer,1997; Haidt, Rosenberg, & Hom, 2003 Although some companies like mine have employees from minority groups; yet in my opinion discrimination is still practiced. Favoritism either by race or gender even by age is still present among clients and staff. This issue may never disappear; for people are in denial or they choose to ignore the facts. Since I work with children people choose to favor the well behave ones or the cute ones and even the ones who remind them of a close one. Staff form their personal clicks base on experience, background, age and so on.

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