Multicultural Script

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 5 (1177 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Jessica Shepherd

Elementary Topic: Multiculturalism Grade 5

Learning Objective:
“Given a cultural topic, student will explain five contributions Native American people have made to world cultures.”

Materials List

Blackhawk, Ned. (2010) A History of Native American. [Recorded by Ned Blackhawk]. On Digital Audio (Audiobook). Solon, Ohio: Playaway Digital Audio. (2011)
Blackhawk presents a history of Native America from the time shortly before the expeditions of Christopher Columbus to the present. Focusing on the Columbian Exchange, Indians and the American Constitution, American Indian Removal, the Civil War, and the modern age, Blackhawk concludes his revealing course by addressing the issues that continue to affect Native Americans today.

Found at the Library

Bowen, Richard. (2009) The Native Americans. Philadelphia, PA: Mason Crest Publishers.
This book provides information about the native cultures of North America and explains what factors led to the dominance of more recent arrivals to the continent"
Found in the Library.

Doyle, Marc & Blackenstein, Chesney. (2005). Smithsonian National Museum of the America Indian. [DVD]. United States: Cambridge Educational.
Behind the scenes at the Maryland-based Cultural Resources Center, thousands of objects, arranged by tribe, are given "traditional native" care, such as air, light, water or food. Featured objects include 3000 year-old duck decoys; a Cheyenne feather bonnet; a priest-like Caribou hunting gown; beetlewing jewelry; cradleboards, dolls and miniatures; Pueblo dough bowls; Pacific Northwest Tlingit hats; Osage pipes; the oldest depiction of human beings in the Western Hemisphere; and a collection of nearly 2000 pairs of moccasins"

Found in the Library.

Kelley, Alison. (2002) Native Americans and the United States. Philadelphia, PA: Chelsea House Publishers.
Describes the years of conflict between Native Americans and European settlers, and briefly mentions some attempts by the United States government to make amends for some of the injustices the Indians have suffered.

Found in the Library.

Schlessinger, Andrew. (2007) Indians of North America. A History of Native American [DVD]. United States: Schlessinge Media.
Examines the history, changing fortunes, and current situation of the Indians of North America.
Found in the Library.

Shepherd, Jessica. (2012) Native American Powwow [Photo Collection]. Millsboro, DE.
Photographs from my personal collection of the Powwow of the Nanticoke Indians.
My personal collection.

(2008, March 3). Native America Arrowhead. [Pennsylvania Jasper Arrowhead]. Fenstermaher Collection (200801). Paxton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
This is an arrowhead that was found in the state of Pennsylvania among many in a collection.

Teacher: Good morning boys and girls! Since the holiday of Thanksgiving is coming near I would like us to start looking at the contributions that Native Americans gave to world cultures. I am going to split the class into five groups which will work on gathering information on one of the following topics: Food, Clothing, Medicine, Government, and Entertainment/Dance. I will give you a week to gather information and put together some kind of presentation to give the class telling of the information that you have learned. Lets split up and I will come around and talk to each individual group with more specific information.

Teacher split’s the class into 5 groups.

Teacher: Before we beginning our research, I would like you to watch Indians of North America. A History of Native American, which will help all groups gather information about your topics. We will also watch Smithsonian National Museum of the America Indian, which will be extremely important to the Food, Clothing and the Music groups. Everyone will watch both videos to...
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