Multicultural Report

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“Multicultural education is..... About all people regardless of their ethnicity, language, religion, gender, race or class”
Since its earliest conceptualisation in the 1960’s, multicultural education has evolved both in theory and in practise. Multicultural education is a progressive approach for transforming education that holistically critiques and responds to discriminatory policies and practises in education. It is grounded in ideals of social justice, education, equity, critical pedagogy , an a dedication to providing educational experiences in which all students reach their full potentials as learners and as socially aware and active beings, locally, nationally and globally. Multicultural education acknowledges that schools are essential to laying for the transformation of society and the elimination of injustice.

The underlying goal of multicultural education is to affect social change. The pathway toward this goal incorporates three strands of transformation * The transformation of self
* The transformation of schools and schooling
* The transformation of society
Therefore based on this multicultural education we as the pupil teachers are sent to different schools for the school exposure programme (multicultural placement) which is of two weeks as per the syllabus of b.Ed (Bachelor of Education)programme second semester.

The objectives of this programme which help in learning to function as a teacher in which the pupil teachers referred to us are exposed to different type of schools such as urban, rural, and tribal with a view to * Develop understanding about the school activities with different cultures * Develop the process of engaging students in classrooms through observing the process adopted by regular teachers * Develop understanding to manage a substitute (arrangement class) * Experience of engaging classroom activities

* Conduct case study
There is a beautiful line as quoted by RONALD E. OSBORN which states “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”. However we are in the midst of mastery. Though the statement quoted by Ronald refers to those who have mastered in their skill but the basic things which lies is the experience which we gain during the course of time. This experience is only possible through the exposure programme.

And so finally the day arrived when we were supposed to leave for our multicultural experience programme to a great journey ahead with lots of expectation and excitement. We were divided in two groups or clusters namely cluster-1 for Balasore, Odisha and cluster-2 for Gaya,Bihar. I was in cluster -2 and was the overall leader of this cluster along with Gautam kumar and we along with all the 49 students (51 in total) headed for Bhubaneswar station to board the Nandan kanan express which was scheduled at 12:30 in the afternoon on 4th of February, 2012 . This was the very beginning of our journey, the journey of self transformation. The cluster was again divided into three groups namely A, B, and C both in arts and science faculty. Since there were 51 students and it was very difficult for a person to manage the group our co-ordinator Dr. Sandhya Rani sahu appointed two leaders each from arts and science faculty consisting of one boy and one girl. So now there were in total 14 leaders including me. This was again an experience to us because through this we had learnt the art of team management and the strength behind working together. I was worried in the beginning but with the co-operation of the other group leaders all the arrangement were comfortably managed. I still remember myself worrying and helping others to board on trains so that nobody was left out checked twice and thrice until was satisfied that everybody was on train. This was my first experience of being a leader and managing the 51 students...
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