Multicultural Lesson Plan

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Multicultural Lesson Plan
Kansas State University
Your Name: Lindsey EricksonGrade Level: Kindergarten
Lesson Title: TortillasDate Taught: 4/23/13
Subject: Language Arts
Length of Lesson (minutes): 45 minutes
• LA.K.2.1.3 – The student will identify a regular beat and similarities of sounds in words when responding to rhythm and rhyme in nursery rhymes and other rhyming selections. • LA.K.1.6.2- The student will listen to and discuss both familiar and conceptually challenging text. • LA.K.5.2.4 – Recite short poems, rhymes, songs, and stories with repeated patterns.

1. Students will discover about tortillas in Hispanic culture. 2. Students will compare and contrast the poem “Tiny Tortillas” with the poem “Patty Cake”. 3. Students will understand that the Spanish and English languages are both capable of rhyming and having rhythm.

• Poem “Tiny Tortillas”
• Tortillas (one for each student)
• Map
• Colored Marker or Crayons
• Drawing Paper

• The poem will be read in English and Spanish, this way ELL students can hear the rhythm and rhyme in the poem. Reading the poem is both languages also helps the students recognize that languages are very much alike, they just sound different. • This also helps students recognize that even though people speak different languages that they all still incorporate the same sounds and patterns.

• The teacher will begin the lesson by giving the students a tortilla. Ask the students to examine the tortilla. Ask the students what is a tortilla? What would be a good American comparison to a tortilla? • Explain that tortillas are eaten in Hispanic/Latino countries just like in America we eat bread and crackers. On a map, show the students what countries tortillas come from: Mexico. Hispanic children and adults, alike enjoy tortillas. • After the...
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