Multicultural in Malaysia

Topics: Education, Extracurricular activity, High school Pages: 7 (2375 words) Published: February 9, 2013
According to the Minister of Malaysia Education, progress in the field of sport is becoming increasingly important nowadays because it is capable of universal solidarity, promote peace and improve the image of a country. Sports field also is one of the best platforms in the development of human capital of a vibrant, creative, and competitive and have a strong identity for the sake of the survival of a nation's integrity. To ensure that these goals can be realized, sports need to provide opportunities for participation and the widest participation of young people is the heir to the country's leadership in the future. Part in Physical Education classes and school sports activities to help make candour young people healthier, prototypes Teaches self-discipline and teamwork skills, Develop Their Leadership Potential, and introduces prototypes to Activities are for hire may enjoy and Derive health benefits for a lifetime. In other words, school is a place to develop the "Wholesome individual". Not only That, Youngsters with the Potential to progress to Higher levels of competition cans only do so if the opportunity for hire Ada to Discover and Develop Their sporting talent through proper teaching of Physical Education, well managed co-curriculum and sporting activities to in schools.

One Student One Sport Policy (1M 1S) requires that all students participate in at least of sports activities in schools. This policy can be to support the implementation of the National Education Philosophy focused to produce a well-balanced human being in terms of spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional. This policy is the National Sports Policy, which emphasized the Sport for all and Sports for Excellence. This policy gives primary attention to students less active that they participate in sports activities. At the same time, talent potential students will be polished and developed by High Performance Sports School (SPTS). Sports are very important in optimizing the physical ability of pupils in accordance with the expression "The Intelligent Mind Set On a punch". In this context, the field of sports play an important role in nurturing a healthy, active and productive to be able to contribute to the social welfare and economic development. Thus, various sports were introduced in order to attract students to practice healthy and active lifestyle. 1 Student 1 Sport Policy emphasizes the involvement of all students in sports. This participation is more focused on participation, involvement, understanding and knowledge of the sport without conscious performance. The purpose of this aerobic activity is to create a generation of students who fit and healthy, and that the culture of exercise as a routine practice throughout their lives. Through aerobics, each student will be interested to do it because this exercise is done to the music along with the style of exercise can be good for health. In addition, aerobic activity also aims to build confidence in students so confident to engage in vigorous exercise such as aerobics and sports. Curricular activities are activities outside the classroom the fundamental element in the support of teaching and learning as well as complement the school curriculum. These activities are important in creating a balance between the mental and physical development of students' social and. Actually co-curricular activities has long been established in schools in Malaysia but its application was still not fully achieve the goals. This requires the Ministry of Education to take positive steps to ensure the co-curricular activities can be managed properly and effectively. Among the published guidebook Move Management School Co-curricular work, appoint a special officer at the district and state department of education as well as to create the post of Senior Assistant Co-curriculum schools. Aerobics is also an activity that is best done by all walks of life and ages. Aerobic activity is important because aerobics...
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