Multicultural Case Study

Topics: Education, Problem solving, Teacher Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: April 21, 2013
MCE Problem Solving Case Study

Section 1: Problem Identification

The problem identified is gender bias that male students have towards female teachers. The conflict is many male students do not respond to female teachers the same way they respond to male teachers. These students feel that they do not have to follow directions/instructions from female teachers and will not complete assignments given without constant reminders. Male students who show this type of bias to female teachers are either from a single parent home, one where the female role is not respected, socialization of the student, or even a more affluent home. These students are not held responsible for their actions at home and feel that they are not accountable at school for their behaviors. Male students who come from single parent homes usually carry more responsibility at home and will attempt to carry this role over into the classroom. He feels that he is the more dominant member of the household and that he is always in control. This student will not always complete assignments taken home because of his responsibilities and may or may not do well on quizzes and tests. He may feel that these assignments have no bearing on his current situation because he is more focuses on survival for today and less worried about the future. The male students who come from a home where the female role is not respected will carry this attitude over into the classroom. When he is presented a classroom situation with a male teacher he is respectful, but when placed a classroom with a female teacher he acts out or refuses to give her the proper respect. He feels that he superior to her and does not have to listen to her. Socialization of the student could also play a role in gender bias against a female teacher. The loud male student will always catch the attention of the teacher where as the quite soft-spoken female student will be overlooked. This attention can cause the male student to continue to act out in that teacher’s class. A male student who comes from a more affluent home, the parenting comes in the form of money or gift giving. These students will hold a sense of entitlement in all situations causing them to feel that they are not responsible for their actions or behaviors. Even if corrected or punished at school they know that they will receive no punishment at home. They also realize that this provides a way out of that specific teacher’s class for a day or more.

Section 2: Perspectives

The first group affected by this problem is female teachers. These teachers begin to feel less confident in their teaching and begin to second guess themselves. It threatens the teacher authority level in the classroom when one student continues to disrespect, because it shows other students that they too can get away with it. After continual defiance or disrespect from students, teachers can begin to over react to situations that could be prevented with patience. Also, this disruption can prevent the teacher from accomplishing that day’s lesson because she is constantly correcting behaviors. Along with threatening a teacher’s authority these students can also cause fear in teachers. The next group affected is the male students. One effect could be the over generalization of all male students being placed into the same category as the defiant male students. This creates tension between the teacher and the entire male classroom population. This can also create a hierarchy between the males in the class by allowing the loud, defiant male to become the defacto leader, while the others follow. This action causes the teacher to lose control of the classroom, allowing that male to take control. The third group affected is the female students. The quiet, soft-spoken female will often be overlooked, while the dominant male will receive all the attention in the class. When the female students do well,...
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