Multicultural Author

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Multicultural Author
Multicultural authors show different views of literature, most of the values we share here are very different in other countries. As we read literature from multicultural author we understand how our lives are influenced by our surroundings. The author I chose is Laurence Yep he has written many books that were reflected by his minority struggles that he grew up in, Laurence Yep has connected Chinese history and teachings with American literature to create exciting novels that are appealing to teenagers and young children of all ethnic backgrounds.

Laurence Yep is a inspiring author that has lived and felt what many people will never experience, Laurence was raised in the streets of San Francisco where he was often a minority even to his own Chinese friends. As a boy Laurence was never taught his native language and could not interact with his Chinese friends in Chinatown and was not accepted by African American children (eduplace ). His first writings were in high school for a science fiction magazine, his teacher would give him an A if he had his work published in a national magazine and soon after he had his first piece of writing published and he realized he could make a career out of his writing where he later went to Marquette University where he would write for a penny a word (members verizon). .

The novel I chose is Dragonwings, the reason why I chose this novel is because it portrayed a real life message the minority go through everyday. Dragonwings won the Ira Children’s book award and 2 Newberry honor awards for its real life tribute for the feeling of minority (Wikipedia). The setting of the novel takes place In America where Moon Shadow left China to join his father in San Francisco. Moon Shadow is quickly rejected and bullied by the whites because he is Chinese. Moon Shadow learns how to read and write English and teaches people more about the Chinese tradition and starts to make friends. His father makes...
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