Multichannel Retailing

Topics: Scientific method, Marketing, Methodology Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Read the following article:
Dholakia, Zhoa and Dholakia (2005), “Multichannel Retailing: A Case Study of Early Experiences”, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol. 19, 2; pp. 63 -75. •Prepare an individually authored paper of 1500 words. This paper should be a critical review of the article. •Please include:

oAn Introduction of your essay
oA summary of the article where you identify the research background, research problem, research methodology and research findings. oA critique of the article, in which you may wish to consider: •Writing style - Is it clear? Is it concise and focused? Does it have spelling mistakes? •Structure – Does it have a logical flow between the sections? Is there consistency between sections? Are sections well defined? •Methodology – Was the methodology adopted by the authors adequate? What alternative research methods could have been used and why? Would they have achieved the same research objectives with different methodologies? •Relevance of findings – Are findings relevant to marketing theory or practice or both? In which contexts? To which audiences? What have you learned that will be useful to your career as a marketer? Can you link the findings with recent research studies in marketing literature (2012, 2011, 2010)? oConduct a Case Study based on secondary research (you need to identify the case study approach, case study description and case study data analysis techniques), in which you may consider: •Case study context, Industry, Product or Service

Customer channels, Customer life cycle and channel preferences, •Distribution of services over different channels,
Channel limitations and channel integration.
Comparison between your case study findings and Dholakia, Zhoa and Dholakia’s (2005) findings oConclusion and reflection
oAppendices (if any)

Please note: your critique should be based on the key marketing theories and concepts you have learned throughout the module. You should...
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