Multi-Talker Babble Effects on Reading Comprehension

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Multi-talker babble effects on reading comprehension

Our group conducted an experiment to test whether multi speaker babble had an effect on reading comprehension. The thirteen participants were -scored on the percent (of answers) they got correct when reading a passage with and without babble. We used a prerecorded, three-minute sample of fourteen-person babble. We predicted that presenting the participants with babble versus without babble would negatively affect their correct answers. The results we found were contrary to our original hypothesis. Participants performed better when presented with the babble sample. In conclusion, it is appropriate to assume there may or may not have been some underlying factors. Some factor may or may not include presenting the babble second rather than first, or presenting more than one passage with/without babble, or the difficulty of each passage, it could be the passage without babble was more difficult than the passage with babble. Introduction

What effect does multi-talker babble have on reading comprehension? To test this we looked at a series of articles relating to our research. These articles included: * Impact of background speech varying in intelligibility: effects on cognitive performance and perceived disturbance * Author: SJ, Schlittmeier(2008)

* Irrelevant Sound Effect (ISE)
* Background music as noise abatement in open-plan offices: A laboratory study on performance effects and subjective preferences Author: Schlittmeier, Sabine J.; Hellbruck, Jurgen

We were able to use the article, Impact of background speech varying in intelligibility effects on cognitive performance and perceived disturbance, in our pilot study. The pilot study we replicated tested the effects of different types of background noise (both intelligible and unintelligible) on comprehension. The study looked at verbal short-term memory by using a verbal serial recall and subjectively rating the performance to...
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