Multi Sibling Families vs Only Child

Topics: Family, Sibling, Cost of raising a child Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Multi-Sibling Families Vs. The Only Child

Family, the very word implies “more than one”. However, how many is “more than one?” It could be two, three, or even fifteen. Family is a big concept and it is a very important part in most people's everyday lives. Some are born into multi- sibling families and other people are fortunate enough to be born as an only child. While being an only child may not always be better then growing up as a member of a large family, it is, in my opinion, the easier of the two because only children have more advantages.

True enough, interviewing and talking with members of large families, I have learned that there are many positive aspects. Being a sibling in a large family, in my opinion and through observation, you learn at a very early age that not only is it “good” but it is necessary to share. Sharing is a life long skill. It is one that helps to mold generosity as part of one's personality. I believe, in our society generosity is looked upon as a very positive personality trait and one to be admired. When someone says “you are generous”, it is taken as a compliment. Following through on the same concepts, a large family offers the constant presence of someone to whom you can talk and confide in about problems and happy moments as well. I have learned through my interviewing and research that bonds formed with siblings are life long and like no other. In most cases, it is natural for parents to die before their children. Being a multi- sibling family ensures that you will not be left alone upon the passing of your parents.

However, in spite of the above advantages of large families, there are also disadvantages that should be examined as well. There is such a wide range but to mention a few, all children in a family require food, clothing, shelter, and education as necessities. Of course there are also the desired recreational extras- toys, games, vacations and many more. These things, each in its own right and value, must...
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