Multi-Purpose of Impact Crusher in Mining Operation

Topics: Crusher Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Gravel equipment mainly refers to the jaw crusher machine, stone-breaking counter-type machine, cone crusher stone machine, impact crusher , sand making machine, vibrating screen, feeder and stone milling machines and other equipment. In the widely used high-speed railway construction. Face of China's high-speed railway construction peak of the arrival of the market demand is particularly strong. However, due to high-speed railway construction, aggregate and concrete sand and gravel aggregate demand is relatively high, and to meet the needs of the industry with the production capacity of large companies at least a decade or more.

The sand production line, the impact crusher is the third working procedure, after mandibles crusher broken, then the material to counterattack crusher, once again after breaking up into customer 20 to 60 mm particles. The impact crusher is a use of impact energy to stave machinery. To ensure that the impact crusher, better in the sand in production line of continued operation, continue the service life of the impact crusher, users should be to counterattack crusher frequently maintain and maintenance.

In the new investment after the operation, the shift to counter must be broken for a full inspection. After a week on the run counter the motor lubrication, a full inspection. The content of the examination including fixed parts of the situation, tighten belt transmission, bearing seal, fight back foils, of lining board of the wear put a check of all maintenance cycle, and combined with a regular maintenance and replacement system.

The impact crusher rotor and counterattack of lining board of the nip-gap adjustment: when the impact crusher in the operation of the rotor, rotor and counterattack lining board between clearances can not be adjusted. Such as material into pieces stranded in counterattack plate and shell, suggest that in between adjustments to back up a little bit gaps between frames, so the feeding into pieces will...
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