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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Review of Related Literature
Though the researchers are already knowledgeable about the “AsPin”, more research will be conducted for the benefit of this study. Information will be gathered from magazine articles, books, journals and internet facts. As we all know dogs are man’s best friend, and the researchers wants to show their being patriotic as they chose an “AsPin”, they want also to show other researchers that “AsPin” dog are also trainable. “AsPins” are highly adaptable, intelligent, and hardy, the Philippine native dog can thrive in any situation. Although viewed as useless vermin by some, derogatorily called by many as “askal” – a contraction for “asongkalye”, which is tagalong for street dog – the Philippine native dog actually demonstrates high intelligence by, for one, surviving the mean streets that he was inhumanely thrown into, through no fault of his own. Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand from experience, and the ability to respond quickly and successfully to a new situation…” (Alimusa, 2007)

“An “AsPin” can be very fond of its master if properly raised. They are highly trainable (some have been used in local films), manageable, eager to hunt, high in stamina, has a strong prey drive, agile and easily adapts to any kind of environment.” (Quimpo, 2007) In dealing with “Bunsoy” as a shy “AsPin” the researchers refer to the following articles: “…on the training process the mutual confidence between the master and dog should be established. Once this mutual confidence is established, the simplest lessons can be begun. Being on the training process considering the habits of the dogs are indeed important to maintainto the compatibility between the trainers and the dog…Repetition daily of whatever lesson being undertaken is another obvious necessity. But commonly these lessons are too long, and attention wanders with weariness of spirit. Two sessions of five minutes, with few hours between, may give quicker results than one session...
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