Multi Disciplinary Nature of Environmnental Studies

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  • Published: March 25, 2011
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the need of making the environment education is to instill environmental ethics in to the fabric of our society and to impart the knowledge of nature and its importance in all walks of our life . LEARNING OUTCOMES-

economy, business, agriculture, organisational culture, society research and development required no of hours – 3hrs

Environmental studies is a very broad academic field which examines the interactions between humans and their natural environment. As one might imagine, environmental studies is an interdisciplinary field, incorporating concepts as varied as geology and philosophy. DEFINITION:

Acc to committe on environmental health association of America – environment comprises of the surroundings in which man lives ,works,and plays. Acc to osting –“the environment is a complex of variables factors or causes which includes substances, conditions forces organisms and time Scope

Scope of environmental studies is vast but confined to the study of natural resource ,ecosystems ,biodiversity and its conservation ,environment pollution ,social issues and environment ,human population and environment and sustainable development . THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY NATURE OF THE STUDY

1Environment and economics-
economic growth and environmental balance- to achieve a higher economic growth ,resources have to be exploited and used in a proper way.. if resources are not exploited and pollution is formed ,this leads to low economic growth. Eg. BOP pollution control and environment- pollution today has a very high clean up and control cost which ultimately has to be borne by the consumers.the producers who are the polluters ,will just shift the cost to the consumers . eg pigovian tax,sintax conservation of resources-the environment is the provider for all the materials needed by the man i.e. air,water ,minerals,timber ,shelter ,food etc. GNP is...
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